Palccoyo Alternative Rainbow Mountain to Vinicunca
palcoyo mountain

Know the Palccoyo mountain of colors the alternative mountain to  Vinicunca. Palccoyo today is the new tourist destination of Cusco and is becoming more famous every day because it is almost identical to the Vinicunca mountain of colors and also for its easy access, since it does not require much walking. In addition you also have the option of visiting the stone forest that is very close to the mountain and you can visit to the Inca bridge Checacupe, the Inca bridge is very beautiful and when you see it you will be very impressed.

Palccoyo Mountain is also known as Rainbow Mountain, Color Mountain, 7 Color Mountain, and its English name Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo, Mountain Palcoyo, Mountain seven colors Palcoyo or simply Rainbow Mountain.

inca bridge checacupe

How to get to Palccoyo

The best way to get to the Palccoyo Rainbow mountain is through a tour, for security reasons it is always better to go with a travel agency, Palcoyo is over 4900 meters above sea level and it is advisable to be a day earlier in Cusco to acclimatize. This circuit is carried out by several travel agencies and the price varies according to the service of each agency.

Why go with a travel agency?

• If you suffer from altitude sickness, the guide can help you quickly.
• The guide will tell you why you should go so you don’t get too far from the mountain.
• You will have round trip mobility and you will not have to worry about your return.
• The service includes lunch so you should stop worrying where you will have lunch.

Visit the Palccoyo mountain on your own?

From Cusco you must board a car heading south of Cusco, the trip takes approximately 3 hours to the Combapata District. Before reaching Combapata, you must turn left, just where the Inca Checacupe bridge is located, a suspension bridge made by the Quechua to favor the connection of the Inca empire. Then you must follow the dirt road for about 1 hour until you reach a parking lot. From that point you can already see the Palccoyo mountain, in fact there are several mountains that are together and you can appreciate its beautiful colors. The walk from the parking lot to the mountain is approximately 30 minutes, that is to say that you do not require much physical conditioning and you can go calmly towards the Palccoyo mountain.

palcoyo hike

Why visit the Palccoyo mountain

• Does not require much physical condition, the walk is from 20 minutes to 40 minutes depending on each person.
• There are not many people, which is perfect to visit the mountain calmly and take good pictures to remember.
• You can visit the stone forest and the Inca bridge checacupe additionally.
• If you hire this tour, the start is around 7:00 which makes the schedule perfect.
• On the way you will see beautiful landscapes, local people with traditional clothing and Andean animals in the area.


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Recommendations and Restrictions

• What to bring: Comfortable and warm clothes for the cold of the morning, trekking shoes, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, snack, water, a small backpack and rain poncho (October to March) rainy season .
• Not allowed for people with altitude related problems.
• Not allowed for pregnant women.
• Not suitable for people with heart problems.


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